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Domestic moves: i.e. removals of houses and apartments in Poland. As part of the basic service, domestic moves involve the taking out and securing of property in the vehicle with blankets and belts, transport, unloading and carrying up. We provide our customers with capacious cardboard boxes necessary for packing property, as well as cardboard boxes with a hanger in which clothes can be transported. This offer can be extended with additional services, such as: protection of transported items with the aid of stretch wrap, bubble wrap or cardboard, assembly and disassembly of furniture, packing and unpacking with cleaning, loading and unloading in an additional place, storage of furniture and equipment.

International moves in practice, are not very different from domestic moves. The only aspect that needs special attention is distance. The transported property must therefore be more carefully secured with professional protective mats, cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

Companies moves as well as small, multi-person and international corporations. The basic offer does not differ from that for domestic moves. Despite that, the customer can choose any additional services, such as: packing and unpacking, assembly and disassembly of furniture, additional security, inventory of company documents, loading and unloading in several places, disposal of unnecessary items

Storage of any furniture, equipment or personal goods. We also store items that require special conditions, e.g. appropriate temperature, such as pianos, fortepianos and other musical instruments.

Assembling furniture – 100 PLN / h

Reprocessing furniture

Transport of pianos with carrying

Transport of safes with carrying

Transport of machines and devices

Transport of antiques

Transport of motorcycles


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